Second Printing Corrections

This page lists corrections to the second printing (June 2014).
The printing is listed in the middle of the imprints page (e.g. First published 2014/2nd printing 2014). If your book has any of the errata listed on this page, it is the second (or first) printing.

Important corrections (Errors in derivations or results)

In the electron self-energy graph in QED in dimensional regularization, some order ε terms were left out. The first relevant equation is Eq. (18.12) on p. 327. Correction as follows:
Reads in second printing:
Should read:
This affects the dimensional-regularization on-shell counterterms:
p. 333, Eqs. (18.51) and (18.52): The “5/2” should be a “2” in both equations.p. 343, Eq. (19.25): The “5/2” should be a “2”.
It also affects Eq. (18.50) on p. 333:
Reads in second printing:

    Should read:

the first line of Eq. (18.60) on p. 335:
Reads in second printing:

    Should read:

and Eq. (18.62) also on p.335:
Reads in second printing:

  Should read:

Finally, the pole-to-msbar conversion is affected.
p. 336, Eq. (18.65): The “5” should be a “4”.
p. 337, Eq. (18.70): The “5” should be a “4”.
p. 412, Eq. (22.57): The “5” should be a “4”.

Similar factors were not included in the the vertex correction graph in Chapter 19.
p. 347, Eq. (19.50): Correction as follows:
Reads in second printing:
Should read:
p. 347, Eq. (19.52): On the first line, the factor of “(2-4/d)“ should be a factor of “(d-2)2/d” in two places and on the second line, the “-1” should be “-2”.
p. 347, Eq. (19.54): The “-½” should be a “-1”.
p. 348, Eq. (19.55): The “-½” should be a “-1” on the first line, and the “5/2” should be a “2” on the second line.
p. 348, Eq. (19.56): The “5/2” should be a “2”.
pp. 628-631. There are a number of minor corrections in Section 30.3: the transformations of ψ and its conjugate may be unrelated; the one-particle Hilbert space should be introduced first in Eq. (30.58) rather than Eq. (30.62); the Jacobian is not singular but rather it is undefined. Rather than list all the corrections separately, this PDF contains the full update of Section 30.3.
 Only Eqs. (30.57) to (30.60), the discussion around these equations, and an overall sign in Eq. (30.66) are changed.

Minor corrections (Unimportant errors in equations)

p. 80, Eq.(7.9): There should be no “hbar” in this equation. The hbar cancels because <0|T {φ0 (x)φ0 (y)}|0> = hbar DF (x, y).
p. 84, Eq. (7.28): The “H(t)” on the right-hand side should be “H(t0)”.
p. 85, Eq. (7.33) lines 2 and 3: Both factors of “H(t)” should be “H(t0)”.
p. 85, below Eq. (7.33): The “V(t)” on the right hand side should be “V(t0)”. That is, this inline equation should be “VI (t) = exp[ i H0(t-t0)] V(t0) exp[- i H0(t-t0)]”.
p. 88, 4th line, 6th line and Eq. (7.53): The factor of “i H0(t- t0)” in the exponent should be “ - i H0(t- t0)” in all 3 instances.
p. 89: Eqs. (7.61): Both exponentials should be surrounded by a time-ordering operator.
p. 90, Eq. (7.68): On the last line of this, the factor of “2” should be a “3”.
p. 97, Eq. (7.90): First “ϕ” should be “ϕ0”.
p. 99, Eq. (7.106): “M” should be “i M” on the left-hand side.
p. 101, Eq. (7.A.113): All the “ϕ”’s in this equation in should be “ϕ0”’s.
p. 102, Eq. (7.A.121): Last “ϕ” on the left-hand-side should be “ϕ0”.
p. 117: Eq. (8.29): Momentum should have a down index: “pμ=(E,0,0,pz)” should be “pμ=(E,0,0,pz)”
p. 124, Eq. (8.69): The second polarization vector should be “ε2” not “ε1”.
p. 126, Eq. (8.78): The second polarization vector should be “ε2” not “ε1”.
p. 185, Eq. (11.2): The sign in front of the F. σ term should be “-”, as in Eq. (11.1).
p. 188 Eq. (11.13): The sign in the exponent should be -. That is “e ip x” should be “e-i p x”.
p. 189, Eq. (11.18) and p. 194, Eq. (11.42): Spinors should be multiplied by a factor of √m to be consistent with out normalization convention.
p. 190, Eq. (11.26): up2 and vp2 are incorrect. Correction as follows:
Reads in second printing:
Should read:
p. 234: Eq. (13.79): “e 4” should be “α4”.
p. 235: Eq. (13.80): A factor of “p4” is missing from the denominator in the final term. That is, “64 π4 … “ should be “64 π4 p4… “
p. 248, Eq. (13.164): The “8π” in the denominator should be “16π”.
p. 261, Eq. (14.41): The time-ordering symbol is missing on the on left-hand side.
p. 271, Eqs. (14.96), (14.97), (14.98) and (14.100) on p. 272, the ordering of the θ’s should be reversed (but not the θ-bar’s). Equivalently, the measure can be written with each θ-bar proceeding each θ. That is, these measures should read:
Reads in second printing:
One correct form
Another correct form:
p. 283, 5th line of Section 14.8.4: “m = (b-n)/2” should be “ m = (n-b)/2”.
p. 292, Eq. (15.25): The third form of this term is wrong (the others are correct). The denominator should be “eε - 1” instead of “1- e - ε ”.
p. 298, Eq. (15.69): On the second line, the “+” in the large square brackets on the second line should be a “-”.
p. 299, Eq. (15.73): The “+” in this equation should be “-”.
p. 332 Eq. (18.46) and p. 333 Eq. (18.48): “Σ” should be “Σ2”.
p. 405,, Eqs (22.33) and(22.34): The factors of “MSun/MPl2” in these equations should be simply “MSun/MPl”, with a single power of MPl.
p. 471. Eq (24.86): Fourier transform is missing. Correction as follows:
Reads in second printing:

    Should read:


p. 564, Eq. (28.8): “eipx” should be “e-i p x ”.
p. 564, Eq. (28.9): “ωp” should be “ωq”.
p. 564, 1st line below Eq. (28.9), “δ3(p − k)” should be “δ3(q − p)”.
p. 568, Eq. (28.23): The quartic term is ambiguous. A more precise Lagrangian has the traces explicit, as:
Reads in second printing:
Should read:
p. 578, First line: “For R > ξ, the type-I …” should be “For ξ > R, the type-I …”.
p. 605, Eq. (29.81): “s” and “d” are reversed in the last parenthesis on the second line.
p. 617, Eq. (30.1): In the second term on the right hand side, the “ϕ” should be a “π“.
p. 749. Eq. (24.65): There is a minus sign missing before the “λ|H|4”.
p. 800, Eq. (36.92): There should be a sum over “X1” on the next-to-last line of this equation, before the 1/N and a sum over “X2” on the last line, before the 1/N.
p. 801, Eq. (36.96): There should be a sum over “X1” on the next-to-last line of this equation, before the 1/N and a sum over “X2” on the last line, before the 1/N.

Typos (Superficial formatting issues)

p. 62, First sentence below Eq. (5.24) should be removed (this decay rate formula is valid in any frame).
p. 80, Eqs. (7.7) and (7.8): The “y” on the left-hand sides should be “ x’ ”.
p. 99, Eq. (7.106): The left hand side should “i M” instead of just “M”.
p. 128, Eq. (8.97): “Fμν” on the left-hand side should be squared.
p. 153, Just above Eq. (9.59), reference to Eq. (9.54) should be a reference to Eq. (9.55).
p. 156, Problem 9.3(e): “Show that if and only … ” should be “Show that if and only if ...”.
p. 161, Four lines from the bottom: “T” should be “P”; the othochronous Lorentz group includes parity but not time-reversal.
p. 166, Below Eq. (10.46): Reference to Eqs. (10.39) and (10.40) should be references to Eqs. (10.40) and (10.42).
p. 202, 3rd line: The third line on the page beginning “Show that …” should not be there. The correct relation is in Problem 11.2(b).
p. 249, Problem 13.6(d): Ni59 should be Ni60 in two places (as in Problem 11.6(f) on p. 202).
p. 261, first line below Eq. (14.44): “... as varying to the value ...” should be simply “... as varying the value… ”.
p. 277, Eqs. (14.130) and (14.131): Hats are missing on “φ(w)” and n “φ(y)” (all instances of φ should have hats).
p. 281, First line (or in first printing, p. 280 last line): "identity" is misspelled. p. 388, 3 lines after Eq. (21.170: "[g_i]" should be "[g_1]".
p. 571, Footnote: “92 GeV” should be “92 MeV” in two places.
p. 572, 4th line of Section 28.2.3: “ms ~ 100 GeV” should be “ms ~ 100 MeV”.
p. 831, Eq. (B.58): In the denominator on the right-hand side, “p2Λ2” should be “p2 - Λ2”.
p. 832, Two lines above Eq. (B.47): The word “derivational” should be “dimensional”.


Minor correction on pages 84, 564: Thanks to Yoon.
Minor correction on page 88: Thanks to Nathan.
Minor correction on pages 97, 101 and 102: Thanks to Alex.
Minor correction on pages 188, 298 and 299: Thanks to Nico.
Minor correction on pages 271-272: Thanks to Jeff.
Minor correction on pages 405 and 617: Thanks to Oliver.
Minor correction on pages 605: Thanks to Peter.
Minor correction on page 749: Thanks to Anthony.
Minor correction on page 564, 568: Thanks to YoonSeok.

Typos on pages 99, 128, 234, 235, 280, 283, 261, 277, 292, 831 and 832, Thanks to Kari.
Typo on page 62: Thanks to Kevin.
Typo on page 156: Thanks to Alex.
Typo on p. 388: Thanks to Erik.
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