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This page lists corrections to the fifth or later printings  (reads "5th printing", "6th printing" etc. on imprint page).
Corrections to the third (reads "3rd printing 2015")  or fourth (reads "4th printing 2015") printing can be found here.
Corrections to the second printing (reads "Reprinted 2014") can be found here.
Corrections to the first printing (reads only "First published 2014") can be found here.

Important corrections (Errors in derivations or results)

None so far.


Minor corrections (Unimportant errors in equations)

p. 58: Eq. (5.4). The notation dN has been found by many to be confusing. Replace this equation with

\(N = \int d \sigma \times \int {\cal L}(t) d t\)

p. 165, second paragraph of Section 10.21: all references to the algebra should be written as su(2) not SU(2). SU(2)xSU(2) on the 3rd line of the paragraph should be  su(2)⊕su(2)
p. 177, last paragraph. Only rotations by π are antipodal points and only these should be identified. That is, “rotations about an axis by an angle θv are the same as rotations about an axis pointing in the opposite direction by the angle -θv” should be  “rotations about an axis by an angle π are the same as rotations about an axis pointing in the opposite direction by the angle π”.
p. 177, last paragraph. The topology of SO(3) is that of RP3, however, RP3 = S3/Z2 not B3/Z2 as written.
p. 182, problem 10.5a, “infinitesimal spinor” should be simply “spinor”.
p. 195, 7th line of second full paragraph: “superselection rule” should be “selection rule”. 
p. 240, Eq. (13.117): There should an overall - sign on the right-hand side, as in Eq. (13.108).
p. 240, Eq. (13.118): There should be ¼ multiplying the right-hand side.
p. 263, Eq. (14.56): There should be no Z0[0] factor on the second or 3rd lines.
p. 271, Eq. (14.97): The first and second indices should be permuted independently. So the sum should be over “permutations {in jn}” and the summand {A_{i1j1} … A_{in jn}}
p. 321, Eq. (17.33). The terms in this equation should be appropriate for a complex scalar selectron and smuon. So a number of fields should be barred or conjugated and the factors of ½ should be removed.
p. 347, Eq. (19.52), First line. The exponent of ∆ should be "d/2 - 2" instead of "2 - d/2".
p. 359, Eq. (20.21). There are too many μ indices. the 2nd and 4th μ’s on the right-hand side should be v’s.  
p. 359, Eq. (20.23). There second expression "2(f(Q2) +δ1)σ0" should be  "2Re[f(Q2) +δ10".
p. 402, Eq. (22.19). The dagger at the end should not be there.
p. 402, Eq. (22.20). The coefficient 1/18 should be 4/45 in the second term. 
p. 436, Eq. (32.86). The potential is not exactly the 2-point function, due to the convention for normalization of the relativistic fields. Drop the correlation function in this equation (the second term). 
p. 454, Eq. (24.10): The two delta-functions should be inside the integral.
p. 456, between Eqs. (24.21) and (24.22), “M=λ” should be “M=i λ”. 
p. 457, Eqs (24.27) and (24.29): the propagator denoted by Πis actually the advanced propagator, so it should be denoted ΠA.
p. 457, Eq. (24.30): left-hand side should be “i Mloop” instead of “Mloop”.
p. 464, First line: Im M <= |M|^2 should be Im M >= |M|^2.
p. 511, Eq. (26.14). The color matrices should be symmetrized. That is "Taik Tbkj" should be replaced by "{Ta,Tb}ij".
p. 604, Eq. (29.79): There is a missing factor of cos2θw that should be multiplying (Jz)2 in the last term. 
p. 635, end of second paragraph. The sentence “Note that for B-L to be non-anomalous, there must be right-handed neutrinos, since these carry lepton number.” should be removed.
pp. 660-662: There are a number of sign errors. The first is in Eq. (31.95) where the final fermion propagator should have -i in the numerator rather than i. There should consequently be a factor of -1 added to Eqs. (31.96), (31.97), (31.99), (31.103), (31.104), (31.105) and (31.106). Eq. (31.107) is correct as printed. 


Typos (Superficial formatting issues)

p. 17, beginning of Section 2.21. "foce" should be "force".
p. 67 and 105, Problems 5.3 and 7.8, the electron neutrino should an an anti-neutrino. In Problem 7.8, the τ should decay to a τ neutrino not a μ-neutrino
p. 137, Eq. (8.144), the last term should be "ημν" instead of "ηαβ".
p. 152, 4th line, reference to Section 8.2.3 should be a reference to Section 8.4.2.
p. 201, next to last line of chapter. "the rigorous proof does require a Lagrangian description" should be "the rigorous proof does not require a Lagrangian description". 
p. 214 in the first line at the top of the page: " Ψ(0)α" should be " Ψα(0) ".
p. 238, 2 lines below Eq. (13.105), "The 1 comes from radiation polarized in the plane of scattering and the cos2θ from polarization out of the plane" should be  "The 1 comes from radiation polarized out of the plane of scattering and the cos2θ from polarization in the plane".
p. 255, after Eq. (14.7), "where A comes from the product..." should be "where det A comes from the product...".
p. 260, Eq. (14.35), the factors of "tn" should be "tj".
pp 309 - 314, the potential should consistently be written as V(p) rather than V(p^2) in all instances. 
p. 310 and 311, The Lamb shift is quoted incorrectly in both places. The best value is 1058 MHz.
p. 311, last line of first paragraph, "the Bohr radius a0 ∼ m/α" should be "the Bohr radius a0 ∼ 1/(mα)".
p. 312, below Eq. (16.65). “Regulate the m=0 singularity” should be “regulate the Q=0 singularity”.
p. 375, Eq. (20.A.87): a "µ" superscript is missing on the final q1 term.
p. 409 below Eq. (22.49) and p. 412, below Eq. (22.56), the references to Eq. (22.46) should be to Eq. (22.45).
p. 423, First line of section 23.2: “though” should be “through”.
p. 484, last paragraph. Instead of “ the fundamental representation is the set of the N × N Hermitian matrices with determinant 1.” it should say “ the fundamental representation is generated by the set of the N × N Hermitian matrices with trace 0.” 
p. 499, bottom of page: “Stara” should be “Stora”.
p. 559, next-to-last paragraph: "...Yangian invariance, which includes conformal invariance and special conformal invariance" should be "...Yangian invariance, which includes conformal invariance and dual conformal invariance".
p. 562, Second paragraph “non-casual” should be “non-causal”.
p. 572, below Eq. (28.37). Should be “Fπ = 92 MeV” instead of “Fπ = 130 MeV” .
p. 602, second full paragraph: the electron neutrino coming from the pion decay should an electron anti-neutrino. 
p. 604, Eq. (29.77): There is a missing μ index on W-.
p. 607, Eq. (29.92): V31  should have a * in the middle Im( ) term. 
p. 615, problem 29.7c). “non-relativistic” should be “ultra-relativistic”.
p. 659, the μ at the end, in the d-u contraction, should be a ν. 
p. 661, Eq. (31.99): the first d_L in the last term should be a b_L (i.e. it should go c b d u for both terms).
p. 750, 3rd line after Eq. (34.69)" 1010 should be 1010.
p. 779, Eq. (36.6): missing factor of 1/σ0 in the second term in the middle line. 
p. 828, below Eq. (B.45): The “4π” comes from the (4π)-d/2 factor, not a 1/(2π)d factor.




p. 17, Thanks to Brandon.
pp. 67, 105, 195,  310, 402, 436, Thanks to Ted.
p. 137, Thanks to Nick.
p. 201, Thanks to Youngsub.
p. 214, Thanks to Arash.
p. 238, 607  Thanks to Gustavo. 
p. 240, Thanks to Pieter-Jan.
p. 255,499,  Thanks to Erik.
p. 260, Thanks to Heinz.
p. 271, Thanks to Alexandre.
p. 311, Thanks to Robert. 
p. 347, 359, Thanks to Kaushik.
p. 402, 409, 412, 559, Thanks to Diego.
p. 454, Thanks to Barton. 
p. 457, Thanks to John.
p. 464, Thanks to Herbi.
p. 263, 423, 456, 457 Thanks to Arne.
p. 602, Thanks to Johannes.
p. 604, Thanks to Hosein and Shuailong.
pp. 660-662, Thanks to Chia-Feng.
p. 882, Thanks to ZiYang.