First Printing Corrections

Important corrections (Errors in derivations or results)


Minor corrections (Unimportant errors in equations)

p. 11: Eq. (2.6) has some indices confused as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 24: Eq. (2.85), left hand side should have the time derivative of “φ0” not the time derivative of “φ”.
p. 36: Eq. (3.37): The spatial components of the current should have a factor of the charge density. That is, Eq. (3.37) should have “Ji = ρ(x) vi(x)” instead of simply “Ji = vi(x)”.
p. 41, Eq. (3.84): Minus sign is missing on second line, as follows:
Reads in first printing:

   Should read:

third image
p. 48, Eq. (4.11): The final states should be on the left in all matrix elements, as follows
Reads in first printing:

   Should read:

p. 48, Below Eq. (4.12): “Ej” should be “Ef”.
p. 64, Eq. (5.38): The * is in the wrong place in two places on the second line, as follows
Reads in first printing:
sixth image
Should read:
p. 64, Eqs. (5.39) and (5.42): “Fµν” should be “Fµν2” (as in Eq. 5.38).
p. 94, Eqs. (7.81), (7.84), (7.86): The factors of “λ2” should all be “g2”.
p. 99, The diagram in Eq. (7.103) has the outgoing particles incorrectly labelled, as follows:
Reads in first printing:
new image

   Should read:

next image
p. 123, Eq. (8.60): After the first = sign, “L0” should be “δ L0”.
p. 124, 3 lines after Eq. (8.69): “(E/m, 0, 0, p/m)” should be “(E/m, 0, 0, pz/m)”.
p. 147, Eq. (9.34): The photon propagator should be a scalar propagator, and the positron arrow points the wrong way. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:  
p. 148, Eq. (9.36): The positron arrow points the wrong way:
             Reads in first printing:                                                      Should read:
9.36Bad              9.36Good                                 
p. 208, Eq. (12.11): The right-hand-side should have a factor of “δ s1,s2”, as in Eq. (12.9).
p. 235, 2nd line below Eq. (13.81): “-4 p2 sin (θ/2)” should be “-4 p2 sin2 (θ/2)”.
p. 262, Eq. (14.54): The exponent is missing a minus sign. It should be “Z0[J]= N exp { - i …”.
p. 280, Eqs. (14.145) and (14.146): “d4x” should be “d4x d4x1···d4y1···”.
p. 280, Right-hand side of Eq. (14.147): The final superscript νn on M should be νb in both instances.
p. 281, Eq. (14.148): The “s” on the far left should be deleted.
p. 281, Eq. (14.148): “d4x1” should be “d4xk”.
p. 282, Eq. (14.153): Numerous wrong subscripts. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 282, 4th line after Eq. (14.155): “qi2 – mi2” should be “qi2 = mi2”.
p. 283, Eq. (14.156): Superscript on “ε1” should be “α1” instead of “αb”. Also, “αn” on the second line should be “αb”.
p. 297: In Eq. (15.61) and in the line right before Eq. (15.62), the factor of “16 π2” should be a factor of “32 π2”.
p. 303, Left-hand side of Eq. (16.14): “M1(p)” should be “i M1(p)”.
p. 319, Eq. (17.25): Missing “+...” on right-hand side.
p. 353, Eq. (19.83): The “Γµ” operator is misplaced. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 353, Eq. (19.87): “G(p+q1)” should be “G(p+q1)-1”.
p. 355, Eq. (20.2): The propagator in the rightmost diagram should be a photon propagator. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 359, Eq. (20.21): A ¼ sum over spins is missing on the left-hand side. The left-hand side should match the left-hand side of Eq. (20.22).
p. 415, Eq. (22.70): The internal lines should be dashed, not solid. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:

   Should read:


p. 429, Eq. (23.53): Should read “GR(mµ) = 1.022 × GR(mW)”.
p. 447, Eq. (23.125): On the right-hand side, “λ4L” should be , “λ4”.
p. 462, Eq. (24.52): All “Γ” should be “Γtot”.
p. 497: The equation on the first line of the page should have a minus sign on the right hand side and “Daµ” should be “Dµ”. That is,
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 507, Problem 25.5: The current should be the one given as Eq. (25.80).
p. 514, Table 26.1: The masses are listed in MeV not GeV.
p. 517, Eq. (26.35): There is a missing opening bracket on the trace in the second line. It should be “tr[Ta Tb]”.
p. 572, Two lines above section 28.2.3: “Jμa” should be “Jμ5a”.
p. 575, Eq. (28.42): There should be no “ϕ(x)” on the right-hand side. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
28.42 bad
Should read:
p. 625, Eq. (30.41): “Fρ” should be “Fαν”.
p. 630, Line above Eq. (30.67): There is a missing factor of “(2π)-4” in the expression for the unit operator. It should be “1= (2π)-4∫ d4k |k⟩⟨k|”.
p. 753, 5th line of Section 34.3.1: the factor of “Z3” should have a tilde above it.
p. 753, Eq. (34.84): Each “A” should have an tilde above it.
p. 831, Eq. (B.58): “(xy)” in the exponent should be “(x-y)”.

Typos (Superficial formatting issues)

p. xv, 4th line of second paragraph: “Where does light comes from?” should be “Where does light come from?”
p. xv, 5th line from bottom: “success” is misspelled.
p. xvi, 2nd paragraph, 3rd line: “a essential” should be “an essential”.
p. xvii: The Coleman quote is from page xiii of his Erice lectures (not xii). Also, the quote describes the “famous triumph of quantum field theory”, not the “great triumph of quantum field theory”.
p. xviii: The word “of” was omitted in Field's book “Applications of Perturbative QCD.”
p. xviii: 2nd line of next-to-last paragraph: “chromodynamics” is misspelled.
p. 23, 3rd line (1 instance) and 4th line (3 instances) below Eq. (2.81): Creation operators “a” should be “a†”.
p. 44, Problem 3.7(d): The word “in” is omitted. It should read “small shift in Mercury's orbit.”
p. 48, 4th line before section 4.1.1: “Vij” should be “Vfi”.
p. 50, After Eq. (4.18): The word “from” is repeated.
p. 67, Problem 5.3:“ignoring” is misspelled.
p. 78, 5th line from bottom: “... we have so seen so far ...” should be “... we have seen so far ...”.
p. 87, 2nd line of Section 7.2.3: “... for which we know ...” should be “... on which we know ...”.
p. 88, 1st line after Eq. (7.55): “The normalization should set ...” should be “The normalization should be set ...”.
p. 90, 1st line before Eq. (7.67): “... is it helpful ...” should be “... it is helpful ...”.
p. 91, 2nd line: “... six fields ...” should be “... eight fields... ”.
p. 96, end of middle paragraph: The word “interference” is misspelled.
p .120, 1st line of Section 8.24: “... the kinetic term be ...” should be “... the kinetic term to be ...”
p. 144, Paragraph after the shaded box: “... whether your lines point left ...” should be “... whether your arrows point left ...”
p. 147, Last paragraph: "As an non-trivial example" should be "As a non-trivial example".
p. 149, 2nd line after Eq. (9.42): “Comparing with Eq. (9.33) … ” should be “Comparing with Eq. (9.34) …”.
p. 150, 3rd line before Section 9.5, “... (with scalars) ...” should be “... (with spinors) ...”.
p. 150, 2nd line of second paragraph in Section 9.5, “Now tack on an outgoing...” should be “Now tack an outgoing...”.
p. 155, Problem 9.1(a): “Calculate” is misspelled.
p. 159, Last text line on page: “... in terms of side infinitesimal ...” should be “... in terms of six infinitesimal ...”.
p. 162, 4 lines after Eq. (10.27): “... since su(2) = 3) is the ...” should be “... since su(2) = so(3) is the ...”.
p. 178, Line between Eqs. (10.123) and (10.124): “... there is different ...” should be “... there is a different ...”.
p. 181, 1st line of Problem 10.1: “... there is interaction ...” should be “... there is an interaction ...”.
p. 181, 1st line of Problem 10.1(f): “... equation has a ...” should be “... equation has an ...”.
p. 188, Eq. (11.15): There is an extraneous “μ” index on the barred “σ” in the first matrix.
p. 191, Eq. (11.31): Parentheses are missing as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 193, 5 lines after Eq. (11.41): “... under a real representations ...” should be “... under a real representation ...”.
p. 208, Line below Eq. (12.12): “Fermi exclusion principle” should be “Pauli exclusion principle.”
p. 211, Line below Eq. (12.24): “can written” should be “can be written”.
p. 214, Eq. (12.39): = sign is missing between “+m)(-i…” should be “+m) = (-i…” .
p. 215, 3 lines before Section 12.5: “... in the polarization sum.” should be “... factors in the polarization sum.”.
p. 223, After Eq. (12.97): “... half-integer fields must have ... ” should be “...half-integer-spin fields must have ...”.
p. 240, Eq. (13.117): the superscripts “in” and “out” should be “1” and “4” respectively.
p. 247, Middle of first paragraph after the quotation: “in the classically theory” should be “in the classical theory”.
p. 247, 4th line of first full paragraph: “classically theory” should be “classical theory”.
p. 267, Eq. (14.73): Extra parenthesis before the large bracket on the end of the 1st line.
p. 269 (14.82), (14.83), and twice in (14.84) 2nd line: The integrand of the exponentiated integral should be surrounded by brackets as in Eq (14.80).
p. 276. Eqs. (14.125), (14.127), (14.130): All instances of the D'Alembertian (the box) should have an “x” subscript.
p. 280, 1st line: “... of Ward-Takahashi identity ...” should be “... of this Ward-Takahashi identity ...”.
p. 280, Beginning of second paragraph “For correlations function” should be “For correlation functions”.
p. 282, End of last full paragraph on the page: the words “or not.” at the end of the paragraph should be removed.
p. 284, Problem 14.4: “explicitly” is misspelled.
p. 284, Problem 14.7 (b) and (c): “14.127” should be “14.118”.
p. 345, 3rd line after Eq. (19.38): “Chapter 9” should be “Chapter 16”.
p. 350, 3rd line of Section 19.5: “... fixed by Γ μ = γμ ...” should be “... fixed by Γ μ (0) = γμ ...”
p. 353, 2nd line before Eq. (19.83): “Part IV” should be “Part V”.
p. 357, 2nd line after Eq. (20.8): “O(e)” should be “O(e2)”.
p. 361, 1st line of Eq. (20.33): In the 2nd factor the indices should be lowered.
p. 363, 1st line after Eq. (20.47): “from Eq. (20.37)” should be “from Eq. (20.36)”.
p. 364, 1st line after Eq. (20.53): “for producing for producing” should be “for producing”.
p. 368, 5th line from bottom: “massess” should be “masses”.
p. 372, 7th line: “rate in Eq. (20.53)” should be “rate in Eq. (20.51)“.
p. 372, last line in top paragraph “of LEP” should be “at LEP”.
p. 372, 2nd line after Box 20.1: “not cancel summing” should be “not cancel when summing”.
p. 376, 1st line after Eq. (20.A.95): “This term has a 1/ε2R” should be “This term has a 1/ε2IR”.
p. 377, 1st line after Eq. (20.A.102): “where Eq. (20.A.93) has been used” should be “where Eq. (20.A.86) has been used”.
p. 386, 7th line of Section 21.2: “is a completely mystery” should be “is a complete mystery”.
p. 391, 1st line after Eq. (21.31): “Then we can then integrate over” should be “Then we can integrate over”.
p. 416, 2nd line of Problem 22.4: The factor of “MPl” should be “MPl3”.
p. 420, 5th line after Eq. (23.5): “... then terms of the form ...” should be “... terms of the form ...”.
p. 437, 1st line before Eq. (28.92): “graph with a insertion” should be “graph with an insertion”.
p. 439, 2nd line before Eq. (23.102): “... such a scalar theory such … ” should be “... such a scalar theory ...”.
p. 443, 5th line of second paragraph: “... can be safely be ignored …” should be “... can safely be ignored … ”.
p. 446, 2nd line: “as the coupling Λ is taken small” should be “as Λ is taken small”.
p. 448, last paragraph before section 23.6.2: all instances of “mh” should be simply “m”.
p. 448, 5th line before Section 23.6.2: The number “10-38” should be “10-28”.
p. 451, Problem 23.8b: “100 GeV” should be “(100 GeV) 2 ”.
p. 465, 3rd line before Eq. (24.62) and 3rd line from end of page: “unitary bound” should be “unitarity bound”.
p. 465, 3rd line after Eq. (24.63): “... theory is not unitarity … ” should be “... theory is not unitary …”.
p. 466, 4th line: “... unitary would be violated ...” should be “... unitarity would be violated ...”.
p. 467, First line before Eq. (24.67): “.. and for p0 ...” should be “.. and p0 ...”
p. 492, Right-hand side of Eq. (25.67): “A” should be “A(x)” in two places.
p. 496, Right-hand side of Eq. (25.86) on both lines: There should be brackets around everything in the exponent, after “d4x”, as in Eq. (25.93).
p. 497, Right-hand side of Eq. (25.91) on both lines: There should be brackets around everything in the exponent, after “d4x”, as in Eq. (25.93).
p. 501, 3rd line after Eq. (25.118): “is” should be “is a”.
p. 512, Line before Eq. (26.16): The reference should be to Eq. (25.17), not Eq. (25.15).
p. 515, 5th line after Eq. (26.26): “to get factor of” should be “to get a factor of”.
p. 515, Line above Eq. (26.27): The reference to “Eq. (20.A.102)” should be to “Eq. (20.A.116)”.
p. 516, Line above Eq. (26.29): The reference to “Eq. (20.A.116)” should be to “Eq. (20.A.102)”.
p. 517, Eq. (26.35): There is a missing opening bracket: “-tr Ta T b]” should be “-tr [Ta T b]”.
p. 518, 1st line: "So, taking loop amplitude from Chapter 16, Eq. (16.47) is expanded as in Eq. (16.45):" should be “So, taking the loop amplitude from Eq. (16.47), we expand as in Eq. (16.45):".
p. 525, 1st line after Eq. (26.76): The subscript “(2b)" should be “(2B)”.
p. 538, 1st line after Eq. (27.25): “if there were only 4-momenta” should be “if there were only four 4-momenta”.
p. 540: Eq. (27.32) has an angle bracket improperly formatted. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 541: Eq. (27.42): In the middle expression, between the two equals signs, the second “σ μ” should be a “σ ν
p. 551, 8th line of Section 27.5: period is missing after "also + or -".
p. 568, 5th line of second full paragraph: "alone will to tell us" should be "alone will tell us".
p. 570, Eq. (28.29): “Jm5a” should be “Jμ5a”.
p. 574: 4th line from bottom of 2nd to last paragraph: “There is no conserved charged ...” should be “There is no conserved charge ...”.
p. 586, First line: Some Lorentz indices are missing. Correction as follows:
Reads in first printing:
Should read:
p. 591, 2nd line before Eq. (29.31): “There are (4 3) = 6 possible... ” should be “There are (4 2) = 6 possible...”.
p. 619, Two lines above Eq. (30.14): “fπ” should be “Fπ”.
p. 686: Line after Eq. (32.71): "... at the same point ψ(x)." should be "... at the same point x".
p. 688: In Eq. (32.80) and two lines below Eq. (32.81),“M(γp → γp)” should be “M(γ*p+ → γ*p+)”. Also, one line below Eq. (32.81), “M(γp →X)” should be “M(γ*p+ → X)”.
p. 703, Eq. (33.1): “-¼Fµν” should be “-¼Fµν2”.
p. 725, 2nd line: “In Eq. (33.111) we found” should be “In Eq. (33.112) we found”.
p.725, 3rd line: “with Eq. (33.116) only if” should be “with Eq. (33.117) only if".
p. 795: The last matrix element on the right-hand-side of Eq. (36.67) has written “⟨Xs x|” instead of “⟨Xs|”.


Minor corrections on pages 11, 41, 64, 94, 99, 123, 124, 147, 148, 208, 281, 282, 283, 303, 319, 353, 355, 369, 415, 429, 447, 462, 497, 507, 572, 625, 630, 688, 753: Thanks to Jeff.
Minor correction on pages 24 and 36,: Thanks to Yat-lo.
Minor correction on page 48: Thanks to Pooya, Rodrigo and Hui.
Minor correction on page 117: Thanks to Nathan.
Minor corrections on pages 89 and 90: Thanks to Kari.
Minor correction on pages 124 and 126: Thanks to Allan.
Minor correction on page 235: Thanks to Stephan.
Minor correction on page 514: Thanks to Ilya.

Minor correction pn page 517: Thanks to Krzysztof.
Minor correction on page 575: Thanks to Raphael.
Minor corrections on page 831: Thanks to Yair.

Typos on pages xv, xvii and xviii, Thanks to Bob.
Typos on pages xv, xvi, xvii, 23, 44, 67, 78, 87, 88, 90, 91, 96, 120, 144, 150, 155, 159, 178, 181, 191, 193, 208, 214, 215, 223, 240, 267, 269, 276, 280, 282, 284, 345, 350, 353, 357, 363, 364, 368, 372, 376, 377, 386, 391, 416, 420, 437, 439, 443, 446, 448, 451, 465, 466, 467, 492,
 501, 511, 512, 515, 516, 518, 525, 538, 551, 568, 574, 586, 591, 619, 668, , 686, 725: Thanks to Jeff.
Typo on page 48: Thanks to Yat-lo.
Typo on page 50: Thanks to Rodrigo.

Typos on page 147, 149, 188, 211: Thanks to Pooya.
Typo on page 162: Thanks to Hui.
Typo on page 516: Thanks ot Krzysztof.
Typo on page 540: Thanks to Anders.
Typo on page 619: Thanks to Yair.
Typo on page 703: Thanks to Vidushi.
Typo on p 795: Thanks to Matt.